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Building disaster response capacity in Malawi

Land: Malawi
Vooruitgang: Implementation
Budget: € 1071576
Looptijd: 2016-03-14 - 2018-03-13


Enhancing resilience of vulnerable communities and building institutional disaster response capacity in Phalombe, Thyolo, Chikwawa and Nsanje (Malawi). Selected group village heads (GVHs) have very low capacity to cope with natural threats and epidemics and withstand shocks. Data collected during the field assessment shows that the level of awareness on general DRR issues among the target population is very deficient. Through this action communities will be aware of the self-protection measures that they can undertake to protect their assets and resources in time of emergency. The project will take place in group village heads of Phalombe, Thyolo, Chikwawa and Nsanje (Malawi)


Safer houses, protection of assets and resources, protection of water systems and other risk reduction measures will be taken. Authorities will gain greater awareness on DRR, building their contingency plans and linking up to organization like RC. Contribute strongly to the National Disaster Risk Management Policy of the Malawi Gov is central to this intervention.


37 GVHs in Malawi have become aware of their vulnerabilities and capacities and increased their ability to organise effective disaster response. Early Warning / Early Action capacity is strengthened and institutionalised in 28 GVH located along the most flooding rivers in Phalombe, Thyolo, Chikwawa, Nsanje and along lake Chilwa. 37 GVHs in Malawi have adopted resilient livelihood strategies. Institutional capacity on Disaster Risk Management in the 4 target district is established and coordination amongst stakeholders has improved.

Type ramp: Drought Flood Multisector aid for basic social services Preparedness
Donateur: The Netherlands Red Cross, Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken (BuZa), Prinses Margriet Fonds, Legacy (Legaat)
Uitvoerende partners: Malawi Red Cross Society

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