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Strengthening Local Community Resilience to climate change in Northern, River Nile and Kassala State, in Sudan

Vooruitgang: Implementation
Budget: € 6320837
Looptijd: 2017-02-28 - 2021-02-27


The overall objective of the project is to increase local communities’ resilience to climate change funded under the GCCA+ initiative.

The project will reverse the trend of environmental degradation and lack of resilience in the following ways:
• Improve management of key natural resources including: communal forests and rangelands
• Increase people’s awareness of the need for protection of natural resources, and provide men and women with the knowledge and means to sustainably manage these resources.
• Train and equip small-scale farmers and (agro-) pastoralists to adapt their livelihood practices to the current and predicted climatic conditions and natural resources available
• Create opportunities for value addition and livelihood diversification, with increased opportunities for men, women, and youth to contribute to the household income

At the end of the project, selected communities in El Golid, Shendi and Telkouk localities will be less vulnerable to desertification through a combined approach of sustainable natural resource management and strengthening of livelihoods. An expanded area in the target locality will be protected from sand dune encroachment and sand movement; agricultural and pastoralist production at household level will have increased and diversified livelihood options.

Type ramp: Disaster prevention and preparedness
Donateur: Directorate-General International Partnerships (DEVCO)
Uitvoerende partners: Danish Red Cross, Swedish Red Cross, Spanish Red Cross, The Netherlands Red Cross

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