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Tropical Cyclone Winston in Fiji 2016

Land: Fiji
Vooruitgang: Closed
Budget: € 10000
Looptijd: 2016-02-29 - 2017-02-27


This project supports the Fiji Red Cross Society (FRCS) to deliver assistance and support to some 38,500 people for 12 months, with a focus on the following sectors: Assessments, Shelter and settlements, Health, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene promotion (WASH), Livelihoods, Restoring family links (RFL), Community preparedness and risk reduction, and National Society institutional preparedness and capacity development. On februari 20, 2016 cyclone Winston (category 5) made landfall in Fiji, and The Government of Fiji has declared a state of emergency in the country. The tropical cyclone has caused loss of lives and significant damage across its path. The Fiji Government estimates almost 350,000 people living in the cyclone’s path could have been affected (180,000 men and 170 000 women). 42 people have been confirmed dead. All the geographical divisions of Fiji have been affected to different extents. This operation seeks to provide immediate assistance to cyclone affected people on the two main islands (and districts within): Northern Viti Levu (Ba, Tavua, Rakiraki, Nalawa, Korovou, Nadia and Lautok) and southern Vanua Levu (Savusavu, Nabouwalu), as well as the five outer islands, including Taveuni, Koro, Ovalau (Levuka), Batiki and Vanuabalav.


Emergency relief, shelter and livelihoods remain clear priorities for all humanitarian actors as thousands of families have been affected. The immediate needs in the affected areas are in the following sectors: shelter, health, WASH and RFL. The immediate needs identified are emergency shelter and non-food items, psychosocial support, safe drinking water, water and vector borne diseases prevention and hygiene promotion. Note that food is being provided by the Government of Fiji. There are also a need to offer RFL services to the affected people in the aftermath of the cyclone.


The operation is expected to support the needs of 38,500 affected people (7,700 households). Shelter: 7,700 households to be assisted with non-food relief items and 4,450 with emergency shelter assistance. In early recovery, targeting up to 1,000 households with durable shelter assistance. Health: Up to 20,000 people will be reached through psychosocial first aid/psychosocial support, health and hygiene promotion sessions, and clean up campaigns in the target communities. WASH: Up to 20,000 people will be provided with safe water through deployment of NOMAD water purification units to two target communities for three months. In addition, at least 10 target communities’ water supply will be rehabilitated through the installation of 100 rainwater harvesting systems and water tanks. Livelihoods: Up to 1,000 households will be reached with livelihood recovery inputs and support. RFL: Up to 200 people will reconnect with their families through the established RFL system.

Type ramp: Response
Donateur: The Netherlands Red Cross
Uitvoerende partners: International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

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