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The Frits Kalshoven International Humanitarian Law Competition is an annual event, jointly organized by The Netherlands Red Cross and Belgian Red Cross-Flanders. The competition aims to provide students with an opportunity to practically engage with international humanitarian law (IHL) and deepen their knowledge thereof by attending expert lectures, engaging in real-life armed conflict simulations or roleplays, expand their professional network and ultimately, by competing against other teams during the Moot Court, in which they will plead a fictional case related to IHL.

The 15th edition will take place from Wednesday 9 to Friday 11 March 2022 in The Hague, The Netherlands.

Man geeft uitleg over wapens humanitair oorlogsrecht Rode Kruis

About prof. dr. Frits Kalshoven

The Frits Kalshoven Competition is named after one of the world’s most renowned ex-perts in international humanitarian law. Prof. dr. Frits Kalshoven (1924 – 2017) was Emeritus Professor public international law (University of Leiden) and of international humanitarian law (University of Groningen).