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Landhuis Pannekoek.

Vooruitgang: Implementation
Budget: € 105000
Looptijd: 2019-08-31 - 2021-06-29


Increasing the capacity of Landhuis Pannekoek. Landhuis Pannekoek will have the character of a multifunctional center after the renovation. An important function will be that in times of emergency, the Red Cross Curaçao has sufficient capacity to make this center available for vulnerable people. To increase disaster preparedness and participation of vulnerable groups on Curacao Curacao


By providing a work/learning programme for youth and by using the building in case of emergency as a shelter.


Red Cross Curacao

Type ramp: Disaster prevention and preparedness Earthquake Flood Prevention / Mitigation
Donateur: The Netherlands Red Cross
Uitvoerende partners: Curacao Red Cross

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